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Online Statements are available for all El Dorado Savings Bank Internet Banking customers.

Online Statements (also known as e-Statements) are available for checking accounts, statement savings, and statement certificate of deposit accounts. Online Statements are held in our secure Online Statement Archive which must be accessed through our Internet Banking system.

It's easy to access Online Statements. Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign on to Internet Banking
  2. Click on the Statements link (look under Accounts Overview just below the Account Activity link)
  3. Review and accept our "Add Online Statement" agreement. (Accepting Online Statements stops paper statements.)


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Online Statements are electronic versions of the traditional paper deposit statements. Currently Online Statements are only available on our checking, savings and certificate of deposit accounts. They are not available for loan statements.

Online Statements can only be accessed through our secure Internet Banking system and are available to you as soon as they are posted. For most accounts, up to five years of online statements are archived and available in our Online Statement Archive.

By selecting Online Statements you are in control of when, where, and if your deposit statements are printed. Online Statements are available as soon as they are posted, so you receive them more quickly than paper statements, and they are free. Online Statements are stored in a standard document format (Adobe PDF) so you can view, print, or just save them as a file on your computer. If you wish, you can simply access them whenever you need by using our secure Internet Banking system. Now you can stop worrying about your personal checking account information sitting vulnerable in your mailbox. Plus you can reduce the hassle of filing and storing paper statements.

Each month, after your account statement has posted to our Online Statement Archive, you will receive an email letting you know that your deposit account statement is ready. Then sign on to Internet Banking and select the Statements link (along the left margin). Within Statements you can view, print, and/or save any of the Online Statements available for your account. Up to five years of statements are usually available.

We use email to notify you that your Online Statement is ready by sending a message to you using the email address provided to us by you. You can view or change the email address we have on file for you by signing on to Internet Banking, selecting the Customer Service tab, and clicking on Change email address.

Your email address is considered privileged information by us. We do not sell or share our customer's email addresses.

To enroll for Online Statements, you must be an Internet Banking customer. (If you have not already signed up for our free Internet Banking service call our Internet Banking Department at (800) 874-9779. We can help get you started.)

  1. Sign on to Internet Banking
  2. Click on the Statements link (look under Accounts Overview just below the Account Activity link)
  3. Review and accept our "Add Online Statement" agreement.

You will immediately be able to access Online Statements. After you accept our "Add Online Statement" agreement we will automatically turn off your paper statements and turn on Online Statements. You will receive one more paper statement on the normal statement date then your paper statements will automatically be stopped.

If you ever decide to switch from Online Statements back to paper statements, just sign on to Internet Banking, click on the Customer Service tab and select Change Statement Delivery Method. Here you can customize your delivery method from online to paper on any or all of your accounts. There is no fee to switch delivery methods.

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